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Welcome Back Colorado

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Confession--I really did miss it here.

I have moved a lot--especially in the past year. Four times in 4 months--from California to New Jersey back to California and finally home to Colorado. I guess you can say I am a little bit of a wanderer. I always get so many questions about my moves, and my lifestyle.

I guess I can look a little crazy.

To me, it feels less like crazy....and more ballsy. I am thankful that I have the courage to try new things, and to intuitively recognize when it is not working. Change is constant. Change is the only thing that we can count on.

What kind of change have you been thinking about lately?

I would love to talk about it with you. Can I help you make a plan? Do you need to vent about something and want an outside opinion? I'm the Queen of Change. While I don't know everything, I sure know a lot. Fun fact-all of my services include some sort or Reiki, energy clearing, or aura reading.

One of the best things about my career is that I have the ability to connect with people, in a more intimate setting. I tend to know about your deepest secrets, the things that you can not tell to the constants in your life. I know about pregnancies before they are announced, your fears around living with your boyfriend--before you move in together. I was once told that I can get a rock to tell me it's life story. And it is one of the things that I enjoy most.

Coming back to Colorado was not a choice I took lightly. It took months of journaling, mediations, and talking my friends ears off. When anyone would interject their opinion-I would stop them and say "Don't pressure me!" and laugh. For anyone who has been in my life, they know I have to form my own opinion or it does not hold any weight to me.

My life will always involving adventures and new things and places, however Colorado will be the place I settle down in, the place I put roots. I'm excited to share with you a more raw look at me, my business, and the moments and spaces in-between that make up this beautiful things we call life.

Welcome to my journey-


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